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*Fat Loss
*Increase Strength
*Functional Training
*Sports Performance (Athletes)
*Tone, and  conditioning
*Control Stress
*Improve Cardiovascular
*Post Physical Therapy Rehab
*Fitness Testing
*Health Testing
*Body-part Specific training
*Myo-Fascial Release, Flexibility
Adult  First Aid / CPR /AED Certified
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What People are saying about Functional Fit Program.
I have struggled with pushing myself at the gym, I need someone to push
me and tell me I can do it. I have struggled with my weight, ever since i
had my knee surgery. I gained 50lbs. My first goal was to get into the
gym and the next was to push myself somehow. I saw the flyer for the
Functional Fit program. I was so excited!!!! I love lifting and having
someone there to push me. I think the trainers are amazing, they started
out showing us "form" for each lift we were doing. I believe this is so
important because if you learn the right form you will not only prevent
injuries, you also get stronger every week. I have accelled these months
with the lifting part. I have met my first goal on getting into the gym and
pushing myself. My goal this time around is to start following the meal
plan and figuring out how to make food become my fule so I can work
harder and tone up. If you want something challenging, but you will have
fun at the same time.... You need to join this 6 week program.
Courtney H.
We Gladly Except